Azara Blog: There is allegedly a crisis in the UK computer industry

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Date published: 2006/11/17

The BBC says:

The computer industry faces a skills crisis, the president of the British Computer Society has told BBC News.

Unless steps are taken now, there will not be enough qualified graduates to meet the demands of UK industry, warned Professor Nigel Shadbolt.

Prof Shadbolt said there was increasing demand but decreasing supply of graduates in computer science.
Professor Shadbolt has released previously unpublished research which shows that in the past four years demand for IT and computer graduates has doubled while at the same time the number of students studying the subject has declined by a third.
He said he feared that any shortfall in skilled IT professionals in the UK would lead to a loss of highly paid jobs to the emerging economies of India and China.

Isn't it amazing how everything in the world is in "crisis". One of the probable reasons for the decline in student numbers in IT is because an increasing number of IT jobs are already being outsourced to India and China, because pay over there is a fraction of what it is in the UK (as in all other disciplines), and IT jobs are trivial to outsource. So why should a young person bother taking a degree in a subject where your career could well be over by the time you are 30. IT went through a nosedive in 2000-2002, because of the collapse of the internet pyramid scam, so the fact that IT jobs have, perhaps temporarily, recovered does not really mean anything. And, as with most things in life where the government doesn't interfere too much, if the demand really is there, the supply will catch up soon enough.

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