Azara Blog: Ofcom wants to ban "junk" food adverts for under-16s

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Date published: 2006/11/17

The BBC says:

Food and drink manufacturers have attacked Ofcom proposals to ban junk food adverts targeted at under-16s.

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) said it was "shocked" by the decision, adding it feared that the planned regulations were "over the top".

Ofcom said the moves would cost broadcasters an estimated £39m in lost advertising revenue.

The proposed changes are expected to be enforced from the end of January 2007, and be phased in over 24 months.

It's amazing how much power an unelected, unaccountable, quango has over such an issue. Of course the control freaks and health fascists have long been asking for such a ban, so it is not that surprising that Ofcom has gone down this road (it would have happened sooner or later). Expect the control freaks to make further demands, since the Ofcom proposal does not ban all "junk" food adverts, just those on programmes supposedly aimed at children. Heck, let's just extend the logic of the control freaks in the obvious way. Why should we have car adverts, since cars are so "evil". Or why should holidays abroad be allowed to be advertised, since airplanes are so "evil". Indeed, ban cars and airplanes from being shown at all (except perhaps in a negative light). Take any pet hatred of the chattering classes and ban it from television. And films. And newspapers. And books.

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