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Date published: 2006/11/19

The BBC says:

The House of Lords should be either "largely appointed or wholly elected", says the chairman of the joint committee looking into its reform.

Lord Cunningham said it was his personal view that there was "no logic" in having an upper house made up by both methods.

He also said there was no consensus "on the way forward". Reform was again included in the Queen's Speech.

House of Commons leader Jack Straw is said to favour a 50% elected house.

Among other measures leaked in October, Mr Straw wants to cut membership from 741 to 450, and limit terms to just three parliaments or about 12 years.

House of Lords "reform" is another simmering disaster of the Blair years. Cunningham is of course correct that there is "no logic" in having a split Lords but there is no logic in any choice, it is all totally arbitrary. But it would be good to see a House of Lords elected by proportional representation with long or infinite terms.

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