Azara Blog: British Airways caves in over staff wearing crosses

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Date published: 2006/11/25

The BBC says:

The Bishop of London has welcomed a review of uniform policy by British Airways in the wake of a row over a worker ordered to stop wearing a cross.

The Rt Rev Richard Chartres said he took his "hat off" to Nadia Eweida for standing up for the British tradition of free expression.

Ms Eweida had lost her appeal against a decision banning her from wearing the cross visibly at the check-in counter.

The airline said it had to reconsider "in the light of the public debate".

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's PM programme, the Bishop of London paid tribute to Ms Eweida.

He said: "I hope in some ways that this story is going to encourage more people to wear their cross to stand up in public for the historic faith of this country because they can certainly do so in a way that protects the rights of others as well as Christians.

"There is something of an anxiety about intolerant secularism in our country and I think this is a very important blow and hats off to Nadia Eweida."

The only people who have any sort of "anxiety about intolerant secularism" are intolerant Christian fundamentalists. Unfortunately the world seems to be more and more dominated by these fundamentalists, and this is just the latest example in Britain of religious fundamentalists (not just Christians) browbeating the rest of society into submission. BA always allowed Eweida to wear her cross, but just not visibly. She wanted to wear it visibly so that (she said) people would know that Jesus was looking after them. Unfortunately he is not. Hopefully she will not now decide to push Christianity on BA's customers. Hopefully BA will not now have started a religious war amongst its staff as each sect decides to try and prove that it is bigger and better than the rest. Hopefully British bishops can go back to spouting their nonsense to their own flock in church on Sundays, rather than inflicting it on everyone else.

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