Azara Blog: Cambridge Labour Party chooses its parliamentary candidate

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Date published: 2006/12/03

The Labour Party has apparently chosen its new parliamentary candidate, someone by the name of Daniel Zeichner. His CV makes him sound like Old Labour (e.g. he worked in Shire Hall, and is now a "policy and campaigns officer" for UNISON), but most Labour members in Cambridge seem to be Old Labour.

His first leaflet dropped through the door today. It is most notable for what it does not mention, i.e. Iraq. Cambridge currently has an anonymous LibDem MP, but it's hard to see Labour beating him, with the war in Iraq having gone so sour (and which is likely to get worse before it gets better). Most of the Labour Party and supporters in Cambridge were against the war, but unfortunately the two people at the top, Blair and Brown, supported it, and it's hard to see Labour winning again in Cambridge until they are both gone, and some future Labour leader apologises for the Iraq fiasco.

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