Azara Blog: EU agrees deal on "toxic chemicals"

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Date published: 2006/12/04

The BBC says:

The European Parliament and EU governments have struck a deal on wide-ranging legislation to control the use of toxic chemicals in industry.

The draft law, due to come into force next year, is designed to make firms prove the chemicals they use are safe.

The deal comes after drawn-out talks, with environmentalists wanting tough action and industry groups seeking to avoid laborious rules.

The rules affecting 30,000 chemicals still require EU assembly approval.
A newly-established agency in Finland will oversee the way the firms assess the chemicals they use.

"The most fundamental thing of all is that it reverses the burden of proof. Manufacturers and importers have to demonstrate that products they put on the market are safe," said Chris Davies of the Liberal Democrats.

But the higher standards would also mean a significant rise in animal testing, he said.

Of course nothing is 100% "safe", but the politicians like to play to the peanut gallery and pretend otherwise. The key point here is that because of the anti-chemical-industry hatred of the so-called environmentalists, millions of animals (additional to the ones that are already used for drug tests) will have to be tortured and killed, for no great reason.

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