Azara Blog: Blair wants to blow 20 billion pounds on new nuclear weapons

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Date published: 2006/12/04

The BBC says:

Tony Blair has told MPs it would be "unwise and dangerous" for the UK to give up its nuclear weapons.

The prime minister outlined plans to spend up to £20bn on a new generation of submarines for Trident missiles.

He said submarine numbers may be cut from four to three, while the number of nuclear warheads would be cut by 20%.

Mr Blair said although the Cold War had ended the UK needed nuclear weapons as no-one could be sure another nuclear threat would not emerge in the future.

A waste of money. The main reasons seem to be macho posturing and the requirement to suck up to America (who will be raking up much of that 20 billion). The people who run the US are crazy enough to use nuclear weapons, but on this side of the pond, even Blair, although he is one of the craziest of British prime ministers, would not be crazy enough to use them. So UK nuclear weapons provide no real deterrent to anyone attacking the UK, and they especially provide no deterrent to terrorists.

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