Azara Blog: Bush policy in Iraq hammered by the Iraq Study Group

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Date published: 2006/12/06

The BBC says:

A major report on US policy in Iraq has called for a new approach and urgent action to stop "a slide towards chaos".

The current US strategy of staying the course was no longer viable, Iraq Study Group leader James Baker said.

The report says US troops should be withdrawn from combat and instead used to train Iraqis.

It urges talks with Iran and Syria, a move which the US has so far rejected. President George W Bush said the report would be taken "very seriously".

He also pledged to "act in a timely fashion".

An amazingly blunt telling off of Bush 43 from politicians of the Bush 41 era. As they said, "the current policy is not working". Unfortunately Bush 43 has shown no indication either in the past or present that he is willing to listen to any reasonable analysis. Fortunately his power is vastly diminished and nobody takes him seriously any more.

Of course there is no magic bullet for Iraq. Bush 43 has created a bigger mess than anybody could possibly have imagined back in 2003. The situation is going to get worse before it gets better. And the outcome seems to be beyond the control of America.

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