Azara Blog: European Commission wants some cuts in catches of some fish species

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Date published: 2006/12/07

The BBC says:

The European Commission has called for cuts in catches of cod, herring, plaice, whiting and haddock for 2007.

Announcing its annual recommendations to European ministers, the commission said there had been no significant improvement in cod stocks.

Conservation groups say the commission's proposed 25% cut in cod catch would make little impact.

In October, the EU's scientific advisory body recommended that no cod or anchovy should be caught next year.

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (Ices) has made this recommendation on cod four years running, but each year the commission has recommended more modest cuts which have been made still more modest by European ministers.
Stocks showing signs of recovery include populations of hake around northern Europe and some populations of mackerel, for which the commission recommends increases in the annual catch.

But these are the exception. The commission wants quotas cut for cod, herring, plaice, pollack, skate, sole, whiting, ling, Norway lobster, tusk, and most haddock populations.

In November, a vast global study of fisheries projected that without major changes in fishing behaviour there would be nothing left to fish from the world's seas by 2050.

Environmental groups have condemned what they describe as "modest" recommendations from the European Commission.

The European Commission has political considerations to make, and Ices and the so-called environmentalists do not. Given climate change it's likely that many fish species will collapse even if there were an immediate ban on catches. So the future of large-scale fishing is precarious.

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