Azara Blog: David Cameron sticks up two fingers to everyone who is not in a "family"

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Date published: 2006/12/10

The BBC says:

Conservative leader David Cameron has said families are the "ultimate source of our society's strength or weakness".

He said his party must "look at ways of supporting families and also supporting marriage so that couples are encouraged to get together and stay together".

The UK would be better off with more marriages and fewer divorces, he added.

First of all what does Cameron mean by a "family"? From the sound of it he means people who are married and have children. So is he saying that people who live by themselves are scum? Is he saying that people who live together but are not married are scum? Is he saying that people who are married but have no children are scum? They all contribute just as much to society as the "families" of Britain and it is unbelievably gratuitously insulting for anyone, let alone someone leading a major political party, to suggest otherwise. What Cameron seems to want to do is to force the rest of society to subsidise his antiquated idea of what a "family" is. And if Cameron wants fewer divorces then it's pretty obvious he should be advocating fewer, not more, marriages. People should certainly not be getting married just in order to get a tax break courtesy of the Tories.

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