Azara Blog: Tony Blair says he wants to cut red tape

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Date published: 2006/12/11

The BBC says:

Tony Blair has outlined 500 measures to cut the £14bn cost of red tape to individuals, firms and charities.

The aim is to save up to £2bn a year from measures which include simplifying forms for planning applications and rules covering fire certificates.
The target to cut unnecessary bureaucracy by 25% by 2010 was "ambitious", the head of the better regulation executive at the Cabinet Office, William Sergeant, said.
There have been a large number of initiatives to cut red tape, by both the last Conservative government, and the current Labour government.

Cabinet Office minister Pat McFadden acknowledged businesses might "feel they have heard it before", but he stressed it was not just "a new pledge but a detailed and specific plan of action".

Yes, they are taking the piss. Every time they say they are going to cut red tape they end up piling on even more. The British ruling elite are control freaks and the politicians and bureaucrats in particular have to justify their existence by coming up with ever new imaginitive ways to control freak over the nation. Perhaps all the Cabinet Office bureaucrats who have come up with this 25% target should agree that their (overly generous) civil service pensions will be withheld if the current £14bn cost of red tape is not cut by £2bn by 2010 (note, this equates to 14%, not 25%, and is the target that really matters, not some arbitrary measure in terms of the number of regulations).

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