Azara Blog: Farmer withdraws from GM potato trial

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Date published: 2006/12/18

The BBC says:

A farmer who agreed to grow genetically modified potatoes for a scientific trial has withdrawn because he fears for his safety.

The government was planning two trials of a GM variety that should be resistant to potato blight.

One trial was to be held in Cambridge and the other at a farm in Derbyshire.

But the Derbyshire farmer pulled out after receiving anonymous phone calls. He feared for his family's safety and was worried about potential protests.

The GM potatoes, which were engineered by German chemical company BASF, were due to be planted next spring.

The farmer's decision has been welcomed by the organic lobby.

What a surprise, the terrorists have won again. That the so-called organic lobby has allegedly welcomed this decision just shows how dreadful they are. There are too many religious fundamentalists in the world (and so-called organic farming is a typical modern day religion, complete with high priests who get to determine who can be admitted to the cult) who think that they should be able to terrorise the rest of society into submitting to their brand of religious fundamentalism. (The animal rights terrorists are similar.)

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