Azara Blog: Addenbrooke's Hospital development plan panned by the county

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Date published: 2006/12/19

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Failures in a multimillion pound plan to double the size of Addenbrooke's Hospital have led a council to oppose the ambitious scheme.

The hospital's 2020 Vision project would see a 70-acre site expansion with more space for scientific research and education, plus landscaping, parking and the transfer of Papworth Hospital to the Addenbrooke's campus.

But Cambridgeshire County Council officers have told their cabinet to object to an outline application because the transport assessment is not good enough - the scheme does not include contribution towards the southern corridor areas transport plan, cycle paths, footpaths, bridleways or buses.

Officers fear the scheme could cause gridlock if it is allowed to go ahead as planned.

They are also concerned hospital bosses have underestimated the number of people who will visit the site each day, especially as up to 3,500 homes are planned in that area of the city.

No doubt the plan is not perfect, but the "failures" are mostly in the minds of the petty bureaucrats and politicians who lord over Cambridge, and anything they contribute to the plan will inevitably make it worse. It is entirely the fault of the city ruling elite that the road access to Addenbrooke's is rubbish and there is inadequate parking on the site. Sack the bureaucrats and kick the politicians out and the city would be much better off.

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