Azara Blog: FDA says cloned animals are safe for human consumption

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Date published: 2006/12/28

The BBC says:

Meat and milk from cloned animals is safe for human consumption, the US food regulator said in a draft ruling.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that cloned cattle, pigs and goats produced food "as safe as the food we eat every day".

The recommendation, coming after a five-year study, is a major step towards allowing food from animals onto US supermarket shelves.

A public consultation period will take place before final approval is given.

Opponents say a majority of US consumers are against animal cloning.

The FDA study examined meat and milk products from cattle, pigs and goats, but not sheep.

It concluded that the cloned animals produced food products virtually indistinguishable from more traditional offerings.

The agency suggested that the results meant it would be unlikely to recommend placing special labels on food from cloned animals.

A final decision on labelling would not be taken until the end of the public consultation period due to begin soon, an FDA official said.

Unfortunately any policy that comes out of the Bush Administration is immediately suspect. But here the FDA is probably correct, or as correct as any sensible use of the word "safe" would imply. Needless to say, the anti-technology nutters (here masquarading as alleged friends of the consumer) will never believe any study showing any biotech food (GM or cloned) is "safe". There will no doubt be some unforseen disaster, but all technology, old and new, has problems. In a hundred years everyone will wonder what the fuss was all about (assuming anybody even remembers there was an issue).

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