Azara Blog: Villagers do not want the Cambridge sewage works in their backyard

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Date published: 2006/12/30

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Villagers campaigning to stop a sewage works being put on their doorsteps have handed in more than 1,000 responses to waste bosses.

Representatives from Fen Ditton, Horningsea, Teversham and Quy decided to meet Cambridgeshire County Council's planning team to deliver the massive stack of papers and show the strength of opposition to the plans, which would see Milton waste water treatment works moved to Honey Hill.

Residents claim the plan will damage the flagship environmental Wicken Fen project as well as the Bridge of Reeds.

Coun Mike Hellowell, chairman of Horningsea Parish Council, said: "I think they were staggered. The feeling is running very, very high.

"If you can sell Anglian Water's land at the price for house building and you can acquire a brand new site in the green belt at agricultural prices, is this ethical? There is a lot of concern about whether that should be allowed to happen. We believe there are better alternative sites if they have to move. We are looking for proof of the need to move."

He added it was not a case of "not in my back yard". Villagers did not see why the works should be moved to the green belt rather than stay where they were.

Of course it is just a case of "not in my back yard". But he is correct, why should the rich residents of Cambridge have the right to dump their sewage works on some rural area miles away. If the rich residents of Cambridge want to move their sewage works, they should offer to pay the residents who live within (say) a mile of the new site to buy their properties at (say) twice the value (and that is the value before, not after, the proposed sewage works move was announced). Needless to say, instead, no compensation will be offered to these people. And that is the crux of the problem.

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