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Date published: 2006/12/30

The BBC says:

Saddam Hussein's execution has closed a dark chapter in Iraq's history, Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has said.

Mr Maliki said the former leader had faced his fate "like all tyrants".

Shias celebrated the pre-dawn hanging while some Sunni towns saw protests. About 70 people died in attacks in two mainly Shia areas after the execution.
US President George W Bush hailed the execution as "an important milestone" on the road to building an Iraqi democracy, but warned it would not end the deadly violence there.

Unbelievable, Bush, for once, makes a statement based on reality. This execution changes nothing.

The execution was a no-brainer, new rulers always remove old rulers. But Maliki should be careful what he says. The current Iraqi government runs death squads just like Hussein did. America is losing the war and is likely to depart some time soon. Maliki and others may find themselves suffering the same fate as Hussein if they don't manage to take over or get out of Iraq before the Americans leave.

Hussein was one of the worst murderers of the last part of the twentieth century, being responsible for a couple of million deaths. But Bush is already responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths so far this century. Fortunately for Bush, he has not managed to so reduce America's power as to make it likely that he, too, would some day face trial for crimes against humanity. Iraq was a political war, not a war of self-defence, and for this, especially because he will have lost the war in this region, one of the most important in the world (unlike Vietnam), Bush will be ranked as one of the worst American presidents of all time.

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