Azara Blog: David Cameron claims he is a man of the people

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Date published: 2006/12/31

The BBC says:

The Tories will become the party that represents working people rather than the rich and powerful, David Cameron has said in his New Year message.

The Tory leader also promises that next year his party will set out its alternative policies in more detail.

David Cameron is an old Etonian toff who surrounds himself with other toffs (e.g. Zac Goldsmith). Most of his half-policies announced so far are directly against the interests of working people. For example, he has announced that he believes relative poverty is a "problem", and the only way to solve that "problem" is to reduce the income of average (mostly working) people relative to poorer (often non-working) people. And he has announced that working people should be taxed out of their cars and off airplanes, so both those forms of transport should once again be limited to the rich, like himself. So he has done nothing to promote the interests of working people. But to be fair, neither have the Lib Dems nor Labour, on the whole.

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