Azara Blog: Plastic Logic gets money to produce plastic electronic devices

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Date published: 2007/01/04

The BBC says:

UK firm Plastic Logic has said it will build the world's first factory to produce plastic electronic devices.

The Cambridge-based company has secured $100m (£50.6m) venture capital funding for the German plant.

Once built it will manufacture circuits crucial for the development of novel gadgets such as electronic paper.

Unlike silicon, plastic circuits can be made using simple printing techniques and could dramatically reduce the price of consumer electronic goods.

The factory will be built in Dresden, known for its strength in silicon technology.

Plastic Logic is a spin out from Cambridge University and has been developing plastic electronic devices since 2000.

Well it's early days, and Cambridge companies often stumble at the second phase, but this is potentially a very innovative product. Unfortunately the usual hype has accompanied this announcement. Do people really want their clothes to be "intelligent"? Electronic paper is by far and away the best idea for these devices so far.

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