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Date published: 2007/01/05

The BBC says:

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary has hit back at criticism from the climate change minister, saying his airline was "the greenest in Europe".

In a broad attack on airlines' efforts to tackle carbon emissions, Ian Pearson said Ryanair was the "irresponsible face of capitalism".

But Mr O'Leary said Mr Pearson was "silly" and "hadn't a clue what he is talking about".

Mr Pearson also said the attitude of US airlines to emissions was "a disgrace".

In an interview with the Guardian, Mr Pearson said: "When it comes to climate change, Ryanair are not just the unacceptable face of capitalism, they are the irresponsible face of capitalism."

He also attacked British Airways, saying it was "only just playing ball" on environmental regulations, and Lufthansa, the German airline.
Mr O'Leary defended his company and the industry as a whole.
Even though his company was growing, the new planes it had invested £10bn in the last five years had cut its emissions and fuel consumption by 50%, Mr O'Leary said.

One can only assume that Pearson and his family never fly anywhere, he is so obviously opposed to airlines. Hopefully Pearson will propose that no government minister will ever fly anywhere (on business or pleasure), since it is so evidently such an evil thing to do. Or is it that the ruling elite think that they should be allowed to fly anywhere and everywhere, and it is only the peasants that should be banned from (or priced out of) flying?

Ryanair is one of the most efficient transport companies in the world. That is the main reason their fares are so cheap. If only the useless UK rail network that the government throws millions of pounds at every year were half as efficient. If only government ministers were half as competent. It is unbelievable that a government minister of any rank would attack Ryanair. But the British ruling elite (especially Old Labour and their related ilk in the Lib Dems and Greens) have always hated successful companies.

O'Leary speaks for the people, Pearson speaks for the ruling elite.

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