Azara Blog: Addenbrooke's link road is approved by government

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Date published: 2007/01/06

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Plans for a new £18 million road in Cambridge have been given the go-ahead by the Government.

Cambridgeshire County Council is behind the plans for a link road between Addenbrooke's Hospital and Hauxton Road and Shelford Road. Up to 21,500 vehicles a day could use the road between Hauxton and Shelford Roads by 2023 and 10,200 are expected to use it between Clay Farm and Addenbrooke's.

The council's planners backed the project after being told refusal could mean losing £6 million in Government funding, and thousands of new homes which would be dependent on the road.

The road is critical to Addenbrooke's controversial 2020 Vision expansion plans which are being opposed by the county council because they are not satisfied by the proposed transport measures.

The submitted plans also have the access road in the wrong place.

The new road had to be approved by the Government because some sections fall into green belt land which should not be developed.

A series of consultation events will be held later in the month for people to have their say on minor changes.

The road will be built in two phases. The first will be between Hauxton Road and Shelford Road, phase two will complete the link to the hospital.

Assuming this goes ahead, it will be the first link road built in Cambridge in 40 odd years. It should have been built years ago, but this is Cambridge, ruled by people who hate cars (at least those driven by people other than themselves). It will be interesting to see if they ever bother to put enough car parking in at Addenbrooke's (probably not, since this is Cambridge). Fortunately, when it comes to roads, central government is slightly more sane than local government, and the former seems to have forced the hand of the latter.

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