Azara Blog: Air Asia X wants to offer cheap flights between Europe and Asia

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Date published: 2007/01/06

The BBC says:

Malaysian aviation tycoon Tony Fernandes has unveiled a new no-frills long-haul airline, Air Asia X.

The venture - a tie-up between Air Asia and Fly Asian Express (FAX) - will launch in July and fly to destinations in India, China and Europe.

The new airline aims to carry half a million passengers in its first year, Mr Fernandes said.

Air Asia X will also link up with other low-cost carriers to boost its connectivity and flights network.

Earlier this week, media reports had suggested the firm was hoping to form alliances with UK no-frills carrier Easyjet and Richard Branson's airline Virgin.

The two companies later denied the reports.
Mr Fernandes told the BBC that Air Asia X flights to London would be priced from $80 to $450 (£41 to £231) return.

The anti-airplane middle class control freaks will not like this one bit. Of course it remains to be seen whether this airline will succeed. And it will be interesting to see whether they fly into Heathrow or perhaps instead Stansted or Luton.

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