Azara Blog: EU bureaucrats want mandatory efficiency standards on new cars

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Date published: 2007/01/13

The BBC says:

The cost of "gas-guzzling" cars could soar in five years' time under plans from the European Commission.

The commission wants to impose mandatory efficiency standards on all new vehicles sold in Europe as part of a master plan to combat climate change.

Some of the UK's best-known carmakers could be hardest-hit.

Currently the EU has a voluntary agreement with motor manufacturers - but they have infuriated the commission by missing their target by almost 50%.

Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas now wants mandatory standards that will allow the average car to emit just 120 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometre.

That would mean a 1.6 litre petrol Ford Focus would need to cut emissions by a third to qualify as an average vehicle under the new regime.

Car manufacturers will be able to average out their overall CO2 targets over their entire range of vehicles.
Mr Dimas told BBC News that people should start talking about climate change as a war.

It could lead to the death of millions of people, and it could transform the world economy into a war economy, where every sector was involved in the fight against climate change.

As a result, he said rising emissions from transport were a problem that had to be tackled.

Some kind of mandatory targets make sense. Whether they should be exactly these is a different matter. Of course an EU commissioner is responsible for far, far more carbon emissions (and pollution generally), including from transport, than your average EU citizen. So if it's war we are talking about, let the people at the top take their fair share of responsibility (for once). Let Dimas and his fellow overpaid bureaucrats make the first move and accept an immediate 50% pay and benefits cut. That would make his pathetic emotional blackmail a bit more acceptable. (Note the similarity in tone with the emotional blackmail that Bush and Blair use when trying to justify their illegal war in Iraq. When you don't have a real argument you use emotional blackmail.)

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