Azara Blog: Tesco is building flats for a few employees

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Date published: 2007/01/15

The BBC says:

Tesco is set to build homes for its staff to combat the lack of affordable housing in London.

The UK's largest supermarket has allocated 13 to staff of the 250 flats it is building alongside the Streatham store in south London.
The flats will be sold to a housing association and staff will not be treated any differently to other tenants, retaining the right to stay in the property even if they stop working for the supermarket giant.

However, if flats become vacant, staff will be offered them first.

Key workers, who are often priced out of the London housing market, are intended to benefit from the pioneering project, in addition to Tesco employees.

Not that revolutionary a concept, but at least Tesco is thinking about it. (The Victorians did this properly, but jobs were longer term in those days.) On the other hand, what is it about the media that they insist on using the obnoxious New Labour phrase "key workers". They don't even define what that is. Frankly, for most people, Tesco employees are pretty bloody key (it's where people get their food), so it is rather ridiculous for the BBC to state otherwise. New Labour, New Social Division. (If you are not some politically correct State employee, you can go to hell, as far as housing is concerned.)

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