Azara Blog: People in Richmond allegedly want to crucify "gas-guzzling" car owners

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Date published: 2007/01/16

The BBC says:

Residents in part of south-west London have backed a controversial scheme to charge the owners of so-called gas guzzling cars more for parking permits.

Jaguars, Mercedes or 4x4s in Richmond would incur three times the normal parking fee, while a family with two large cars could pay up to £750.

In a survey of residents, a narrow majority voted for the scheme, linking parking permit costs to car emissions.

The leader of Richmond Council, Serge Lourie, was "delighted" by the results.
The local authority's survey showed 49% supported the plan, with 39% opposed - although a majority thought the extra charges for second car permits were "too punitive".

Richmond Council is just taking the piss. All surveys are suspect, and ones carried out by local councils in support of their own decisions are doubly suspect. And even if this survey, by some miracle, really reflects public opinion, all it would prove is that a majority of the citizens of Richmond are happy to crucify a minority, just because they can. (In the same way that the non-smokers of Britain are happy to crucify smokers by charging extortionate tax on cigarettes, just because they can.) A great victory for democracy.

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