Azara Blog: Police seem to believe that camping in the Lake District is suspicious

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Date published: 2007/01/17

The BBC says:

One of the alleged 21 July bombers came to the notice of police three times before the attacks, a court has heard.

Muktar Said Ibrahim was photographed by surveillance officers alongside four of his five co-defendants at a camping trip in the lake district in May 2004.
Woolwich Crown Court was told that Mr Ibrahim was part of a group alongside Hussein Osman, Yassin Omar, Ramzi Mohammed and Adel Yahya camping in Cumbria 15 months before the alleged suicide bomb attacks.

Mr Yahya is accused of helping to plan the alleged attacks while the others and Manfo Asiedu are all said to have set out on 21 July 2005 to bomb London's transport network.

Photographs showed the group as they packed up and prepared to leave a campsite on a farm in the Elterwater area of the Lake District.

The jury heard several men - including Mr Osman, Mr Yahya, Mr Mohammed and Mr Omar - appeared to line up at one stage and engage in Islamic prayer.

Two Metropolitan Police officers were the first witnesses to begin giving evidence at the trial.

One officer said a group also seemed to be taking part in some kind of organised running activity while wearing rucksacks.

"They did not appear to be running randomly," he said.

"It appeared as though there were a series of men in a line running up and down."

How suspicious can you get. You go to the Lake District and you walk or run up a hill. Not randomly (huh?). And wearing a rucksack. Well that narrows down the possible terrorists in Britain to the odd few million people. Oh of course, these people prayed. How dare devout Muslims pray in the Lake District. What do these Muslims think, that we have freedom of religion in Britain? That they can pray brazenly in front of police telephoto lenses?

If this is the quality of evidence the government chooses to bring to court then we are all in trouble.

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