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Date published: 2007/01/20

The BBC says:

Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton has taken the first step towards running for the US presidency in 2008.

Ms Clinton, 59, wife of former president Bill, announced her move on her website, saying "I'm in to win".

The former First Lady has set up a presidential exploratory committee, testing the waters for a full bid.

Her announcement comes days after African-American Democratic Senator Barack Obama said he had formed an exploratory committee.

What a surprise, Hillary is running for president. The Democrats are lucky to have several first-rate candidates. The Republicans candidates look extremely weak in comparison. And the Republicans have made such a mess of running the country that the Democrats should win. But that would be ignoring the lessons of history. The Republicans have successfully dominated the political discourse in the country, partly down to being the party of the rich, partly down to corruption, partly down to running Fox and having loony right-wing radio talk show hosts dominating the air, partly down to playing the (faux-)religious and (faux-)patriotism cards, and partly down to a willingness to run extremely nastly campaigns.

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