Azara Blog: UK government tries to justify wasting £20bn on new nuclear submarines

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Date published: 2007/01/25

The BBC says:

Replacing the UK's nuclear weapons is a "rational" way to deal with increased threats from abroad, Defence Secretary Des Browne has said.

Countries such as Iran and North Korea could pose a danger in future, he told students at King's College, London.

Mr Browne added: "It's unfortunate that the image of deterrents has become so associated with the cold war."

Ministers have outlined plans to build a new generation of nuclear submarines, at an estimated cost of £20bn.
Mr Browne said: "I would like take this opportunity to re-affirm that the UK would only consider using nuclear weapons in the most extreme situations of self defence.

"But it is precisely those situations which those who argue against maintaining our nuclear deterrent need to think about."

Browne is rather taking the piss. These nuclear so-called deterrents are "associated with the cold war" because that was their original (mostly fallacious) justification. They provide no deterrent against the main threats facing the UK today. They provided no deterrent against the 7/7 terrorist attack (nor did they provide America, with a gigantic arsenal, against the 9/11 terrorist attack). The only point of these nuclear missiles is to provide corporate welfare to the companies that make them.

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