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Date published: 2007/01/26

The BBC says:

Living too near a busy road could stunt a child's lung development, US research involving 3,677 children suggests.

Children who lived within 500 metres of a major road, such as a motorway, were shown to have lung impairment in tests.

Many children live and go to schools near to busy roads and could be at risk, the University of Southern California authors warn in The Lancet.

Experts already know toxic traffic fumes can trigger lung conditions such as asthma.

But the latest work suggests pollution can stop the lung from growing to its full potential - even in children who are otherwise healthy.

Who would have thought that pollution causes health problems. Give these guys a bonus. (And hopefully they factored out the possible contributory effect that poorer people live nearer major roads than rich people, and poorer people generally have worse health than richer people.)

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