Azara Blog: Apparently air-transported food cannot be "organic"

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Date published: 2007/01/28

The BBC says:

Organic food that is imported into the UK by air may be denied the right to label itself organic, under proposals from the UK's main certification body.

The Soil Association said it was considering the move due to concern about greenhouse gas emissions from flights carrying food around the world.

It has now launched a one-year consultation on the issue.

The Soil Association said there was a growing demand to cut the environmental impact of food distribution.

Just another illustration that the definition of what is and is not allegedly "organic" has little to do with farming, and more to do with ideology. The next logical step is to say that any food that is delivered by lorry is not "organic". Let's go back to the good old days (which for the Soil Association means the 19th century, if not before), and just say that for food to be "organic" it needs to be brought to market by horse and cart.

Of course this particular proposal is also a barrier to trade, but that is presumably a secondary consideration for the Soil Association. The Competition Commission should take a look at the Soil Association.

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