Azara Blog: Cambridge extorts more money from car drivers

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Date published: 2007/01/30

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Controversial increases in parking fees will help pay for a £2 million city centre building project.

Cambridge City Council wants to bring in a raft of new charges to fund a two-year refurbishment scheme at the Grafton East car park. Work at the multi-storey is due to start in the summer and be staggered to limit disruption.

Shoppers can expect to pay up to 20p more an hour when parking at the busiest city centre car parks at the Grafton, Lion Yard and Park Street.

John Bridge, chief executive of Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce, said: "It sends out a message the council is opposed to people coming into the city by car. The feedback we are getting back from members is that they already feel car parking charges are too high in Cambridge.
The increased cash from parking fees will also be used for other council services, such as street and toilet cleaning.

It's fair enough that people using car parks pay for maintenance of the car parks. Unfortunately in Cambridge the city has a monopoly on car parks, so extorts money from car drivers to pay for lots of other things. But the national government does the same. Break up the monopoly on car parks and the city will soon enough start to behave itself.

And Bridge needs to wake up to reality. Of course "the council is opposed to people coming into the city by car", does he really believe otherwise? The Lib Dems dominate the council and the bureaucrats are of a similar mentality, and they both believe that cars are the source of all evil on the planet (except for the cars that they themselves drive, of course, because they are the ruling elite). (Well, the ruling elite also find it trendy these days to claim that airplanes are also the source of all evil on the planet, except for the ones they are flying on.)

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