Azara Blog: Revised plans for a second Stansted runway unveiled

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Date published: 2007/01/30

The BBC says:

Plans for a second runway and terminal at Stansted Airport in Essex have been unveiled by airport operator BAA.

The development would take up less land than originally planned and have opening costs of £1.4bn - £300m less than was initially estimated, said BAA.

Uttlesford District Council last year blocked plans to extend the existing runway at Stansted.

Members of the Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) campaign group are to continue their protest against the plans.

BAA said the overall cost of the project would run up to £2.2bn down from the £2.7bn forecast in 2005.

Subject to planning permission, the runway could be operating by 2015 and accommodate an extra 10m passengers a year.

It is expected that one runway will be used for landings, and one for take-offs.

You can guarantee that Uttlesford District Council will turn down this planning application (when it comes). But why is some Mickey Mouse District Council determining whether an infrastructure project of national importance gets to go ahead, or not? This is the stupidity of the British planning system. They will have years and years of inquiries, and in the end the decision will be appealed by BAA to central government. The ploy of SSE is to try and delay the application for so long that central government will have meanwhile gone against airport expansion. Meanwhile, the only real winners are the extremely expensive lawyers and consultants hired to argue the case for both sides. The real losers are the people of Britain.

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