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Date published: 2007/02/01

The BBC says:

The European Commission has announced plans to force energy companies to produce greener fuels.

It says it will propose amendments to a directive on fuel quality, which will require a 10% cut in the CO2 released during production and use of the fuel.

The changes would make companies use more biofuel, and develop greener biofuels where the production process results in lower CO2 emissions.
The announcement comes as commissioners argue over another proposal which would force carmakers to drastically increase the fuel efficiency of the average car sold in Europe.
Carmakers and fuel manufacturers have reported that both proposals would increase costs for consumers.
The proposed amendment to the fuel quality directive would oblige manufacturers to ensure an annual 1% cut in the emissions produced during the production and use of fuel between 2011 and 2020.
Jos Dings, director of the pressure group Transport and Environment, said the EU had promoted biofuels "regardless of whether or not they are good or bad for the environment".

"If it's designed right this commitment to reducing carbon emissions will ensure that only the cleanest biofuels are promoted and the production process of fossil fuels is cleaned up," he said.

It is early days with biofuel, and it is not yet obvious that it is as good for the environment as the European Commission seems to believe. And of course the "proposals would increase costs for consumers". That is part of the idea.

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