Azara Blog: Egon Ronay says there is public confusion about "organic" food

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Date published: 2007/02/03

The BBC says:

Restaurant critic Egon Ronay has called on the government to provide clearer information about organic food.

Shops and producers were profiting from public confusion about the issues, he told the BBC.

Mr Ronay - among several food experts to have questioned the way organic products are marketed - said there is no scientific proof they are healthier.

The Soil Association maintains that studies have shown that there are more nutrients in organically produced food.

The big problem, as Ronay knows full well, is that the Soil Association, a publicly unaccountable organisation, gets to decide what is and is not deemed to be "organic", and they do so based not on science but on religious views (principally that modern technology is bad, and ancient technology is good). Of course the more you pay for something, the more likely it is to be of higher quality, and on that score, "organic" food will somehow come out on top. (And of course "non-organic" food is organic in the chemical sense of the word, it is just that the Soil Association has successfully hijacked the term "organic" for their own narrow partisan interests.)

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