Azara Blog: Government issues guidelines for labelling GM food

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Date published: 2007/02/05

The BBC says:

Rules for labelling food's genetically modified (GM) content do not go far enough, say organic producers.

The government wants labels to show all produce with more than a 0.9% GM element, but green groups say the threshold should be nearer 0.1%.

The Conservatives back that call, saying customers need to have "clear information" to ensure trust in food.

The government says the guidelines, based on European Commission ones, are "adequate" and "appropriate".

No commercial GM cultivation is expected in the UK for several years.
The Soil Association and Friends of the Earth say 0.9% is too high, saying GM contamination is measurable for an amount as low as 0.1%.

The government, for once, is correct. The only goal of the so-called environmentalists is to stop the sale of GM food, and so everything they say has to be taken in that light. In particular, their concern is not a health issue, but a religious issue, so they should be ignored. Of course the EU guidelines will no doubt be tightened in time, since much of the Eurocracy hates GM food (for political and religious reasons).

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