Azara Blog: There are allegedly too many accidental injuries to children

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Date published: 2007/02/08

The BBC says:

The government's record on preventing accidental injuries to children is a "disgrace", watchdogs have said.

Two million children a year visit A&E because they have been hurt in an accident, the Audit Commission said.

And not enough has been done to tackle the problem, which is thought to cost the NHS £149m a year.

The report, produced with the Healthcare Commission, found "shocking" inequalities in rates of accidents in children from poor families.

Injuries such as those caused by burns, falling down the stairs and poisoning are a leading cause of death and illness in those aged one to 14 years old.

In recent years the number of deaths from accidents in children has fallen, according to the joint report.

The health and safety control freaks are out in full force again. Trying to abolish accidents is almost akin to trying to abolish gravity. Sack these useless "watchdogs" and spend the money on something useful.

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