Azara Blog: Barack Obama officially launches presidential campaign

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Date published: 2007/02/10

The BBC says:

Democratic Senator Barack Obama has launched his presidential campaign with a speech in which he pledged to "build a more hopeful America".

He began his official campaign with a call for the Iraq war to end, saying US troops must withdraw by March 2008.

Mr Obama, 45, is considered by many to be the first African-American candidate with a realistic chance of winning.

He, along with Senator Hillary Clinton, is leading the race for the Democratic Party's nomination for the 2008 vote.
Though undoubtedly ambitious and charismatic, with relatively little national experience and formidable opponents, including Mrs Clinton, many question whether he can really secure the Democratic nomination, and whether he has the depth of policy to match.

He sounds good and he looks good. (The only reasons he is being considered at all.) But is there any substance? And does he have any decent advisors? Time will tell.

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