Azara Blog: Terminally ill woman asks for the right to die

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Date published: 2007/02/12

The BBC says:

A 30-year-old terminally ill woman is to launch a legal battle to force doctors to allow her to die.

Kelly Taylor, from Bristol, who has been given less than a year to live, wants doctors to increase her medication to induce a coma-like state.

Mrs Taylor, who has heart and lung and spinal conditions, has also made a "living will" asking doctors not to provide artificial food or hydration.

Her doctors have refused her requests, saying it amounts to euthanasia.

Mrs Taylor's lawyers plan to use part of the European Convention on Human Rights which bans "inhuman or degrading treatment" to argue in the High Court that she should not be refused steps which will end her life.

A full hearing has been scheduled for the end of March.

But the British Medical Association said that giving morphine with the deliberate intention of ending someone's life was "unlawful and unethical".

A brave woman who for now has to put up with the control freaks who run society thinking that they have the right to torture people, all in the name of prolonging the quantity, but not quality, of life. Of course day in and day out doctors are prefectly happy to use morphine in a way which leads to people being killed, only they think that only they should be allowed to make this judgement and heaven forbid if a patient has the temerity to suggest that perhaps she instead should be the one who decides on the way her life ends.

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