Azara Blog: New flight paths and stacking areas allegedly bad for Cambridgeshire

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Date published: 2007/02/13

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Cambridgeshire skies could be crammed full of planes if plans to create two new flight paths and stacking areas get the go-ahead.

Stacking areas, allowing up to four planes to circle while waiting for a landing slot, would feed Stansted, Luton and London City airports.

It is not yet known exactly where in Cambridgeshire the flight paths and stacking areas would go.

Today (Tuesday, 13 February), Coun Sebastian Kindersley, who represents villages directly underneath one possible site, said the idea was "frightful". Coun John Reynolds, deputy leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, said the authority had already voiced its concerns.

Both said there was a direct link with the Government's support for a second runway at Stansted.

Laurence Wragg, of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), warned people on the ground could be breathing in kerosene fumes and CO2.

If the plans go ahead thousands of residents could have their rural quiet shattered by the noise of jet engines and more air pollution.

Coun Kindersley, Gamlingay, said:

"It's frightful. One of the areas they are looking at is the border between Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire - exactly where I live and the villages I represent.

"We already have positioning of planes for Stansted and Luton while they are getting ready to start their descent, although they're already pretty low by that time to go into their respective airports. So we are already suffering. If we get jets stacking above us it's going to be very busy and we suffer quite badly from aircraft noise.

We don't want it."

Nats, the company that manages Britain's air traffic control systems is behind the scheme.

The number of flights over the UK is expected to double from 2.4 million a year to five million in 2030. Britain's 15 air corridors will be used more heavily and four new flight paths are being proposed altogether.

Coun Reynolds said the county council felt it was far more important to improve road and rail networks than increase flight path capacity and was concerned the move would pave the way for the expansion of Stansted.
Mr Wragg, chairman of both the CPRE's aviation advisory committee and the East of England region, said:

"Sometimes aeroplanes dump fuel, although they say they do not, and that makes pollution even worse. It's always harmful - we do not want to have to breathe in kerosene fumes and CO2, it's not good for us."

A perfect example of pathetic NIMBYism if ever there was. Hopefully all the people that are reacting hysterically to this proposal will agree that they will never, ever, ever fly anywhere under any condition. Or is it ok that they are in planes above someone else's house but nobody is allowed to fly above their house? The CPRE person is particularly ridiculous, since although a high level of CO2 is bad for you, airplanes flying above you in the sky will not get you anywhere near that limit. And fresh air, for example, is around 300 ppm CO2 (by volume), so perhaps the CPRE will attack fresh air in the near future. Hopefully central government will treat these people's complaints with the derision they deserve.

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