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Date published: 2007/02/15

The BBC says:

The Department for Transport is not meeting most of its targets and lacks a "clear strategy" to put it right, a committee of MPs has concluded.

Targets for congestion, air quality, public transport and carbon dioxide emissions, are being missed, it said.

Of seven targets, the department was meeting only two, for road safety and rail punctuality, the report claimed.

The DfT said it did not agree with the committee's findings, but recognised there was still work to do.

Commons transport committee chairman Gwyneth Dunwoody said: "This is a terrible picture of failure."
Ms Dunwoody also said road pricing would not solve all the problems of the road network, and public transport had to be improved and made more affordable as well.

The DfT was also accused of not "pulling its weight" on tackling climate change and improving air quality - which should be made a priority.

The Commons transport committee comes out with these kind of reports every few months. The one thing they seem not to have asked here is whether the targets make any sense. Dunwoody, along with most of the rest of the ruling elite, believe that the solution to all transport problems is to screw car drivers and to throw ever more public money at so-called public transport (which is so wonderfully "sustainable" that it needs whacking great public subsidies in order to sustain it). You would think MPs actually had more important things to do than write such vacuous reports.

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