Azara Blog: Local councils seem not to want to be forced to have "pay-as-you-throw" charges

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Date published: 2007/02/18

The BBC says:

Councils in England and Wales have urged the government not to force them to adopt a "pay-as-you-throw" charging scheme on household rubbish.

The Local Government Association says decisions on whether to charge people for the amount of rubbish they generate should be left to each authority.

The environment department, Defra, said no decision had been made on whether to allow variable charges.

If allowed, councils would decide what worked best for each area, it said.

Charges based on the amount of rubbish left by households are common in other parts of Europe and are proven to encourage more recycling.

Sure it increases the recycling rate if recycled goods are not charged for and other waste is. But it also would no doubt increase the dumping rate. And not many people are going to clear up the odd bit of rubbish from their street any more (why pay extra just to be a good citizen). And why should recycled waste itself not incur a cost? What is it about the ruling elite of Europe that they think recycling is so holy? (And by recycling they mean handing over waste in tidy parcels so that the State can industrially process it back into some other form to then be re-used.)

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