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Date published: 2007/02/21

The BBC says:

An international grouping of corporate leaders has called on governments to take more action on climate change.

The Global Roundtable on Climate Change, which includes more than 80 big companies, says politicians need to agree new targets for carbon emissions.

Targets should be "scientifically informed", they say, and lead to pricing carbon in a global market as a route to cutting emissions.
While many business groups have called for political action on climate over the last few years, not all have sought binding targets on emissions.

Some have argued that voluntary actions are a better route.

But the Global Roundtable, which includes companies such as Air France, the aluminium giant Alcoa, re-insurers Swiss Re and Munich Re as well as energy companies Electricite de France and Centrica, is unequivocal in saying that politicians need to reach a new binding deal beyond the current Kyoto Protocol targets which expire in 2012.

Businesses like stability and a "level playing field" and so it is not unbelievable that many of them are happy enough to have carbon priced via some mechanism or other, especially if other taxes are reduced in compensation. Of course this could well still be a minority view amongst businesses.

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