Azara Blog: The British public allegedly do not like 'green' taxes

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Date published: 2007/04/02

The BBC says:

Two-fifths of Britons are doing nothing to cut energy use, although 80% believe climate change is affecting the UK, a report has suggested.

Only 4% of people went on holiday without flying, although 32% said they would consider it, the Energy Saving Trust's Green Barometer report showed.

The study suggested tougher measures such as road tolls and carbon rationing were also unpopular.

Researchers interviewed 1,192 households in February this year.

About 75% of people in the UK feel a growing pressure to change the way they live in order to reduce the impact of climate change, the report claimed.

Trying to be 'green' is regarded as a virtuous quality by 70% and reducing home energy is considered as virtuous as donating to charity, figures suggest.

But only 34% thought green taxes were socially acceptable, while the figure fell to 30% for road pricing and 28% for carbon rationing.

It's a survey so it's meaningless (for one thing, the questions were almost certainly biased in their wording). Of course the ruling elite, including all the main political parties, have decided that all sorts of alleged green measures (such as taxing flights to death) will be imposed whether the public supports them or not. (And of course the ruling elite will not change their behaviour, since restriction in lifestyle is for the little people.)

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