Azara Blog: Committee of MPs think that hybrid embryos should not be banned

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Date published: 2007/04/05

The BBC says:

Government plans to ban the creation of human-animal hybrid embryos could potentially harm UK science, say MPs.

The science and technology select committee called for regulation of such work instead of an "unnecessary" ban.

Some researchers want to mix human and animal cells to create a source of stem cells to help fight human diseases.

The government has proposed a ban because of what it has called "public unease". Opponents say there is "global" opposition to such research.

However, as well as the report backing research, a letter from 223 medical charities and patient groups has called for the government to sanction it.

The people who oppose this kind of research are the usual suspects (mainly religious fundamentalists). All of this kind of novel research will eventually happen somewhere in the world, because some countries are sane and there is no particular reason for this work not to happen. Those countries that refuse to participate will just be relegated to the second division.

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