Azara Blog: Most of the Cambridgeshire ruling elite have called for the A14 to be upgraded

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Date published: 2007/04/07

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Cambridgeshire has united in a rallying call to the Government to upgrade the A14 as soon as possible.

Community leaders, including all five district councils, Addenbrooke's Hospital, and Cambridgeshire Horizons, the team overseeing the delivery of 47,500 homes across the county, are so fed up with waiting for improvements they have joined together to send a stronglyworded letter demanding the vital scheme is pushed through.

They hope their call for action and support of the so-called orange route will leave the Highways Agency in no doubt that Cambridgeshire wants the notorious "road to hell" improved immediately.

Amazingly even the Cambridgeshire Constabulary signed the letter. And supposedly Cambridge City Council did as well, although recently the LibDems who run the city council have been lukewarm, at best, about the A14 upgrade (since if the A14 is upgraded there might be more traffic on the A14, which means there might be more traffic coming into Cambridge, and we can't possibly have that). And supposedly Anglia Ruskin University signed the letter but not Cambridge University. Needless to say, they can sign all the letters they want, the government is still not going to do anything for years. The next time someone dies on the A14 because of the dreadful design of the road, they should charge cabinet ministers (and civil servants) with governmental homicide. That would make them think twice about doing nothing.

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