Azara Blog: Iran claims CIA involved in the torture of one of their diplomats

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Date published: 2007/04/07

The BBC says:

An Iranian diplomat freed last week after being abducted in Iraq in February has said he was tortured by his captors, including CIA agents.

Jalal Sharafi, the second secretary at Iran's embassy in Baghdad, told Iranian media the agents had interrogated him on his country's role in Iraq.

Mr Sharafi said he had been taken from his car by men in Iraqi army uniforms.

The White House said the US had not been involved in his detention, and it welcomed Mr Sharafi's return to Iran.

Of course we will never know. The current US government believes that kidnapping Iranians is acceptable and believes that torture is acceptable, so they could well have been involved here. And if they were not, the people who were involved could well have been agents of the Iraqi government, which means that indirectly the US would have been responsible. So the onus is more on the Americans to prove that they, or their allies, were not involved, than on the Iranians to prove otherwise.

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