Azara Blog: Forests in the far northern hemisphere allegedly bad for global warming

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Date published: 2007/04/10

The BBC says:

Planting trees in snowy areas may worsen global warming as their canopies absorb sunlight which would otherwise be reflected by the snow, a study says.

The report in US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says the pine forests of Europe, Siberia and Canada may contribute to warming.

Only tropical forests effectively cool the earth by absorbing carbon dioxide and creating clouds, the report says.

But the report's authors stress they are not advocating chopping down trees.

They say forests are a valuable resource and remain vital for bio-diversity, providing a home for animals and plants.

This is not that original an idea. And the classic problem with looking at one thing in isolation is that it indeed misses the bigger picture. So in spite of the caveat in the article, it will indeed encourage some people to advocate removing forests. A far bigger, and more sensible, contribution to lessening global warming would be for everyone to have less, or no, children. But of course nobody ever wants to mention, or publish, that (also not very original) idea.

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