Azara Blog: A-level students should allegedly be bribed to study science

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Date published: 2007/04/12

The BBC says:

A-level students should be paid for passing exams in science and maths, a report recommends.

Such action is needed to stop the fall in numbers of people studying those subjects, the report says.

Since 2002, there has been a 15% fall in the numbers taking maths at A-level in England, while those taking physics fell 14% and computer sciences 47%.

Education Secretary Alan Johnson said the UK needed more science and maths graduates to stay competitive.

The report, published by the Council for Industry and Higher Education and IT consultancy LogicaCMG, warns that businesses in the UK will face a shortage of qualified employees within the next few years unless government funding is found for the development of "Stem" subjects: science, technology, engineering, mathematics.

As well as offering financial incentives, there should be extra training for teachers because it was only through inspired teaching that pupils would be encouraged to continue with such subjects.

The report said that pupils were forced to specialise too early in their school careers, often limiting their options.

LogicaCMG's Dr Martin Read said a payment of about £500 might be enough to encourage students to stick with Stem subjects.

Another pointless report on education. Students are just responding to the real-world situation, where a lot of UK "Stem" jobs have been, and will continue to be, exported to elsewhere in the world. Instead of bribing students with little interest in the subject, and instead of wasting money on educational consultants, the government should just give more money to science, i.e. to the UK research councils.

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