Azara Blog: Britain stages a climate change debate at the UN

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Date published: 2007/04/18

The BBC says:

The United Nations Security Council has held its first ever debate on climate change with some members arguing it was not the place for such a discussion.

British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett justified the debate by linking the issue to security.

But Russia and China said that as an international security watchdog, the 15-member council was not the right forum to debate climate change.

Mrs Beckett said an unstable climate could lead to increased world conflict.

The debate was initiated by the UK, which holds the presidency of the Security Council this month.

No resolution or statement arose from the discussion, in which 55 member states spoke.

Sure climate change affects security, but so don't a lot of things. In particular, (over)population, which is one of the main drivers of conflict in the world, and of climate change, yet which nobody ever wants to talk about. All in all this debate just looks like the British government posing to the world. And if Beckett is allegedly so concerned about climate change, did she really need to put in all those air miles to deliver the message or could the British UN ambassador have done the job perfectly well in her place?

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