Azara Blog: NATO discusses latest US star wars proposal

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Date published: 2007/04/19

The BBC says:

Nato member states say a US missile defence system - strongly opposed by Russia - must protect all of them.

The anti-missile shield is being discussed at Nato headquarters in Brussels and a Russian delegation is presenting its objections there too.

A Nato spokesman said Nato members agreed that "there is a threat to Europe of missiles" and that their security must be "indivisible".

The US wants parts of the shield to be sited in the Czech Republic and Poland.
Iran was named as a country that "could potentially pose a missile threat to Europe and the Euro-Atlantic community," he said.

The plan is to base 10 interceptor missiles in Poland with an associated radar in the Czech Republic.
[Nato spokesman James] Appathurai said there was a feeling at the meeting that the proposed system "cannot pose any threat to Russia's capabilities nor change the strategic balance," the AFP news agency reported.

How ridiculous to point the finger at Iran. The only reason Iran would ever even think of launching a missile towards Europe (or beyond), even if it could, is if the US (or NATO) attacked them. So a far cheaper solution to this alleged threat is for the US (and to a lesser extent Europe) to just stop threatening Iran.

And how pathetic can Appathurai get to claim that this "cannot pose any threat to Russia's capabilities nor change the strategic balance". The day the Russian spokesperson says this is the day you might be willing to believe it.

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