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Date published: 2007/04/21

The BBC says:

Immigration could lead to the political break-up of Britain, according to right-wing think-tank Civitas.

A pamphlet by the group suggests that Britain may have reached a "tipping point" beyond which it could no longer be seen as a single nation.

Shadow home secretary David Davis has called on the government to put a cap on those coming to the UK.

The Home Office said it had already announced a tough new points system aimed at immigrants.

The Civitas pamphlet - A Nation of Immigrants? - said the "seemingly reckless pace and scale" of immigration was bound to cause concern for people who saw the UK as a model of tolerance and freedom.

This scare-mongering by Civitas is pathetic. What are they suggesting, that, say, London (with perhaps the highest concentration of immigrants in the country) is going to break away from Britain? Exactly which virtues are they suggesting the British believe in but the immigrants allegedly do not. It's amazing that an organisation which is so blatantly intolerant seems to believe the UK is a "model of tolerance". (And obviously they have never been to a football match in Britain.) Civitas is just another one of the zillions of useless "think" tanks which plague the nation.

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